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Halifax group that donates to shelters scrambling to meet demand

“…A group that collects items for shelters in the Halifax area says it is “in desperate need” of men’s gloves and socks this year.

“It just seems like things have slowed down for us this year, especially with the men’s gloves, because unfortunately they are a bit of an expense,” said Faye Edwards, who runs The Hats, Mitts and Gloves Campaign in partnership with Cindy Landry….”

Author: Anjuli Patil
Date of Article: November 17, 2019
Source: CBC News
Website: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/mens-socks-gloves-needed-halifax-shelters-1.5362818

Halifax charity raising funds to send disadvantaged youth to university

“…Local philanthropist Mel Boutilier is the driving force behind Metro Care & Share Society (MCSS).

Boutilier first created the Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank in 1984, before expanding the society to include more initiatives….”

Author: Victoria Walton
Date of Article: November 17, 2019
Source: HalifaxToday.ca
Website: https://www.halifaxtoday.ca/local-news/halifax-charity-raising-funds-to-send-disadvantaged-youth-to-university-1853263

‘Santas’ support seniors at Christmas

“…While Christmas is over a month away, a group of Nova Scotians are buying gifts for seniors who cannot afford to celebrate during the holidays.

Robyn Carruthers, founder of Santa’s for Seniors, says her gift to give started as a personal hobby in 2010, after her grandmother died in 2006….”

Author: Travis Devonport
Date of Article: November 17, 2019
Source: The Signal
Website: https://signalhfx.ca/santas-support-seniors-at-christmas/

Volunteers needed for HRM municipal boards and committees

“…The Halifax Regional Municipality is seeking interested residents for a variety of important Regional Council advisory committees and boards.

Citizens interested in connecting with the community are encouraged to apply for these volunteer opportunities no later than Monday, Dec. 2….”


Date of Article: November 15, 2019
Source: HalifaxToday.ca
Website: https://www.halifaxtoday.ca/local-news/volunteers-needed-for-hrm-municipal-boards-and-committees-1850110

Out of The Cold Shelter needs volunteers, a location and in a dream world—to not be necessary

“…Cameron came to Halifax from the west coast because of rising housing costs, hitchhiking the whole way here. They really just want steady work, and to have a family, but with the cost of rent and stagnating wages, all Cameron can do is try and make it to tomorrow.

The Out of the Cold Shelter (OTCS) is part of making it to tomorrow….”

Author: Liam Power
Date of Article: November 14, 2019
Source: The Coast Halifax
Website: https://www.thecoast.ca/halifax/out-of-the-cold-shelter-needs-volunteers-a-location-and-in-a-dream-world-to-not-be-necessary/Content?oid=22842494

Black in Halifax: Josh Creighton is battling stereotypes and empowering North End kids

“…Ask Josh Creighton about the young lives he’s already influenced, despite being just 19 years old, and he’ll brush it off and talk about the “amazing youth” in his community.

Growing up just outside Uniacke Square, Creighton said it was a challenge battling stereotypes about being a Black male from his community….”

Author: Yvette d’Entremont

Date of Article: December 7, 2017
Source: The Chronicle Hearld
Website: http://www.metronews.ca/news/halifax/2017/12/07/black-in-halifax-josh-creighton-is-battling-stereotypes-and-empowering-north-end-kids.html

Halifax’s 1st monument for women pays tribute to war volunteers

“…As a young woman, Charlotte Guy Jeffries worked at a Halifax clothing store by day and entertained tens of thousands of Second World War servicemen on piano and accordion by night.

More than 70 years later, she and thousands of other women were recognized for their volunteer work during the Second World War when a bronze monument was unveiled Thursday morning on the Halifax waterfront….”

Author: Sherri Borden Colley
Date of Article: November 16, 2017
Source: CBC News
Website: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/monument-women-second-world-war-volunteer-entertainment-1.4403499

On the move for Movember Halifax Run

“…Prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health are topics traditionally popular only in the smallest of circles. However, the very creative and successful Movember campaign is changing all that, taking popular culture by storm.

The idea — a charity focused on men’s health — took form during a 2003 conversation between two friends at a bar drinking beer in Australia. Today the campaign is so popular, memes and photos of babies, kittens and Elmo dolls donning the recognizable moustache are sprinkled all over social media platforms….”

Author: Sheryl Dubois
Date of Article: November 13, 2017
Source: The Chronicle Hearld
Website: http://thechronicleherald.ca/halifaxcitizen/1520124-on-the-move-for-movember-halifax-run

Halifax monument will mark women’s contributions to Second World War

“…While entertaining soldiers with her piano accordion during the Second World War, Charlotte Guy Jeffries never imagined that more than 70 years later she would be recognized for her volunteer work.

“I guess we made a lot of people happy,” said the 96-year-old Halifax resident. “The city was full of service people and something had to be done to occupy and entertain them.”…”

Author: Allison Lawlor
Date of Article: November 12, 2017
Source: The Chronicle Hearld
Website: http://thechronicleherald.ca/thenovascotian/1519675-halifax-monument-will-mark-women%E2%80%99s-contributions-to-second-world-war

Halifax Heroes: Family SOS worker, volunteer has passion to “give back”

“…“I grew up caring about community, volunteering and wanting to give back,” says Simone Spears, raised in the small community of Liscomb on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore.

This, and a passion for working with youth, made Spears a perfect fit for the position of Community Engagement Officer at Family SOS (Services of Support), where Spears started in January….”

Author: Spencer Osberg
Date of Article: November 5, 2017
Source: Metro News
Website: http://www.metronews.ca/news/halifax/2017/11/05/halifax-heroes-family-sos-worker-volunteer-looking-for-ways-to-give-back.html