Manulife Dragonboat Festival

Organization Type: Sports & Recreation
Address: 5516 Spring Garden Rd., 4th Floor, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1G6
Contact: Tyler Smith

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The Dragonboat Festival is an annual event which raises money for the Nova Scotia Amateur Spot Fund. The goals of the fund are described below.

To supplement the opportunity for Nova Scotian athletes, coaches and officials to train compete and develop at/to a level that will advance them to comparable Canadian standards of excellence.
To ensure that Sport Nova Scotia and its broad-based membership (including community and provincial sport organizations), can develop and deliver innovative participation programs that enhance the provincial sport system.
To enhance funding for programs and services integral to sport delivery in Nova Scotia.
To stimulate the commitment and training required to achieve levels of performance that demonstrate a measurable improvement in athletic competition or organizational capacity building that leads to a better sport delivery system in Nova Scotia.
To not duplicate current sport funding, educational sources and professional fees. The Sport Fund through Sport Nova Scotia will work with other funding organizations, departments, and agencies (Nova Scotia Health Protection and Promotion, Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic, Sport Canada, Coaching Association of Canada, Canadian Olympic Committee, and Sport Canada) to try and ensure the most efficient allocation of resources in the sport system. The Sport Fund will maintain its ability to fund outside of established programs in order to support programs and services it deems significant and/or exceptional.

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5516 Spring Garden Rd., 4th Floor, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1G6

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