Organization Type: Social & Community Services
Address: 1064 Holdom Ave, Burnaby, British Columbia V5B 3V6
Contact: Nikita
Phone: 613 900 5170

Love Caravan is a nonprofit organization from Vancouver dedicated to bridging the generational gap between youth and seniors. This August, we’re embarking on a nationwide tour to senior communities and homes all over Canada. Our groups consists 10-15 students and the event will have an hour of performance followed by an hour of interactive activities. We’d love to know if you have any volunteers that may be interested in performing or partaking in general volunteer activities at a senior home in Halifax anytime on August 31st, or the morning of September 1st. We’re specifically looking for musicians and dancers among other general volunteers.

LoveCaravan’s Volunteer Opportunities

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1064 Holdom Ave, Burnaby, British Columbia V5B 3V6

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