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Organization Type: Other Nonprofit
Address: 6 Titus Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3N 2Y7
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Website: https://www.frcns.com/about1-c1x1t

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The Fairview Resource Centre is a community hub located in Fairview, Nova Scotia. Fairview is in the urban core of Halifax and considered the most diverse neighbourhood east of Montreal. The population is approximately 12,000 and the community has many small/medium size businesses, apartment buildings and single family homes. The centre began in 1986 and is a non-profit organization and registered charity. In 2015, the centre moved from 3524 Dutch Village Road to their own facility at 6 Titus Street. The centre has grown to offer a variety of programs and supports for all ages.  All programs and services are FREE of charge.

The goal is to provide EDUCATION, OPPORTUNITIES AND SUPPORT to the community. The centre offers community based, participant lead programs in a safe and welcoming environment. We know transportation, language barriers and childcare can be a challenge to access services. That is why the centre offers on-site childcare, help with transportation and uses translators if needed. We want to remove as many barriers as possible so that everyone can access services.

Some of our programs include advocacy and referrals, health and wellness programs, youth programs, pre-school programs, one on one adult skill development opportunities, health and safety programs, community meals, home based support programs, adult/senior programs, family interaction programs and much more.

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6 Titus Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3N 2Y7

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