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The Altruistic Current Society (The Kindness Cartel – Q2/4 2020 – Two Seats Available)

Organization Name: The Altruistic Current Society
Opportunity Title: The Kindness Cartel – Q2/4 2020 – Two Seats Available
Category: Boards / Committee / Leadership
Commitment: Less than 6 months
Start Date: April 2, 2020
End Date: July 2, 2020

  • Appropriate for volunteers aged between 18 and 55
  • Appropriate for volunteers aged 55 and over
Opportunity Description:

Would you like a seat at the Kindness Cartel table? 8/10 seats have already been filled. The first two people to respond to this post will be invited to the meeting. Please share this with the kindest people you know! The Kindness Cartel is a collection of 10 of the community’s kindest. The group meets every annual quarter to create micro-projects focused on kindness and altruism in the community. In one sentence: a secret meeting is hosted, micro-project ideas are generated and pitched, voted on, delegated and executed on over the next couple of months. Every member donates $100 to the project pot (total $1000) to fund the micro-projects. Your level of involvement in executing the micro-project is up to you and your schedule! Our Q2 gathering will be April 2nd, 2020. To learn more: The Two Values of The Kindness Cartel: Intention: All projects have the intention of kindness towards an individual, group, or general public. Integrity: All members will hold themselves to the highest professional standard when representing The Kindness Cartel. All potential conflicts of interest with the project will be brought forward.

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Georges Island Rd, Halifax,NS

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