Waypoint Centre for Self-Directed Learning

Organization Type: Education & Schools
Address: 305-3115 Veith St, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 3G9
Contact: Emily LeGrand
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Waypoint Centre for Self-Directed Learning is an educational alternative to school for people ages 12-19, located in Halifax, NS. We believe that every young person wants to learn and deserves an environment that:

  • encourages learning that is meaningful and relevant to her/him
  • evolves at the pace of the individual
  • is tailored to the person’s strengths and challenges
  • is trusting and supportive, not coercive

Waypoint replicates an organizational model that has been successful in offering a transformational educational experience to young people who need something different than the traditional school setting. We use homeschooling as a legal mechanism to help kids leave unproductive school situations and craft their own personalized life of learning.

How we are different:

  • Open four days per week
  • Optional classes, workshops, tutorials and field trips
  • Weekly meetings with adviser
  • Regular family meetings
  • Positive and safe peer community
  • Connections to real world learning opportunities such as events, workshops, internships, volunteer roles and job
  • We work with all families regardless of their financial situation

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305-3115 Veith St, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 3G9

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