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Address: 1809 Barrington St., Suite 810, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3K8
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Prostate Cancer Canada is the only national foundation dedicated to the elimination of the disease through research, education support and awareness.

Our goals are twofold – to fund research that will uncover better diagnostic and treatment options and to provide comprehensive support services for those living with prostate cancer.

In 1994 Ron Evason founded the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Canada. Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1993, he realized that there was little, if any, high caliber research being done for the disease. The Foundation’s mission was to support research into the cause, cure, and prevention of prostate cancer.

The Foundation worked tirelessly with professionals and organizations to advance the prostate cancer cause. A 1997 National Prostate Cancer Forum brought together 150 stakeholders to develop direction for future research, communication, and advocacy activities. The Foundation continued to move forward on forum recommendations by participating in the Prostate Cancer Alliance of Canada.

In July 1999, the Foundation merged with the Canadian Prostate Cancer Research Fund, to become the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada. Since then, the Foundation has become one of Canada’s foremost organizations dedicated solely to raising funds for research to eliminate prostate cancer.

In May 2009, after ten years of successful fundraising and research efforts, the Foundation re-branded itself from the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada to Prostate Cancer Canada.


Prostate Cancer Canada’s vision is to be a global leader in the fight against prostate cancer, earning the enthusiasm and support of Canadians through integrity, compassion, and innovation.


Prostate Cancer Canada raises funds for the development of programs related to awareness, public education, advocacy, support of those affected, and research into the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of prostate cancer.

What you should know

Prostate Cancer Canada is the only national foundation dedicated to the elimination of this disease through research, education, support and awareness.

The threat of prostate cancer for men is far greater than is commonly known. During his lifetime, 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with the disease, and this is expected to rise to 1 in 4 within a decade.

We believe that to win this battle, a focused national approach in the fight against prostate cancer is needed.

In areas such as support, prevention and early detection, we will involve men, women and young people, making them all more aware of the impact of this disease.

Our logo is a symbol of hope – that we know we will achieve the goal of eliminating prostate cancer, and a symbol of unity – that we can only achieve this when working together.

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