Powley For District 7

Organization Type: Advocacy, Law & Politics
Address: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Contact: Powley For District 7
Phone: 9028021270

Campaign to get Jen Powley in District 7 on the HRM council.

Jen Powley is running for Council for District 7 – Can you help please? We need:

  • Fundraising (make calls asking for donations (need to understand the platform) (will be given a list of possible bigger donors)
  • Web Site Content Coordinator (make sure all initial content is correct and update it as the campaign progresses)
  • Endorsements Coordinator (ask donors and supporters why they think Powley is a good candidate, collect statements for Web Site)
  • Voter contact person (help campaign assistant) (coordinate with Web Site Content Coordinator to ensure all email is answered promptly and politely. Manage Mail chimp list.)
  • Social Media Coordinator (use social media platform to get the word out about Powley for District 7, needs to be familiar with platform)
  • Media Contact (talk about Powley and her platform)
  • Contract Coordinator (make sure all contracts are signed and coordinate

with the Executive Committee and campaign adviser about payment)

  • Voter Segment Coordinator (develop message consistent with the platform for each voter group. Work with Social Media Coordinator to get them out)

If interested, contact Jen at jlpowley@gmail.com


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