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The Nova Scotia Aphasia Association is a non-profit organization that promotes public education, rehabilitation, and support services to assist people with aphasia and their families.

Aphasia is an acquired language processing disorder that challenges communication. Aphasia is caused by brain injury, usually stroke, but also head trauma, brain tumors and neurological disease. Aphasia affects the ability to use language: speaking, reading, writing, and understanding language.

NSAA’s Mission is to:
• To increase public awareness of adult aphasia and other language disorders affecting people after stroke and other brain injuries.

• To support and/or provide community programs for people with aphasia and/or language disorders: communication groups, and relearning for speech, writing and reading.

• To provide information about resources to recover lost skills to the extent possible, to compensate for skills that will not be recovered and to minimize the psychosocial impact of the language impairment.

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