Hospice Halifax

Organization Type: Health & Medical
Address: 618 Francklyn St., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 3B4
Contact: Erin Raine
Phone: 902-446-0929
Website: http://hospicehalifax.org/

Hospice Halifax is dedicated to supporting people affected by life-limiting illness, death, grief or loss. We are a non-sectarian, registered not-for-profit organization committed to expanding awareness about the strengths of hospice care. We are working toward establishing the first free-standing residential hospice in Nova Scotia.

Hospice palliative care means providing opportunities for individuals and families to uniquely address practical, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs while preparing for the individual’s death.

Residential hospices provide a home-like setting for individuals who are living with and dying from end-stage illnesses who require holistic care and regular symptom assessment and treatment and care plans. Hospices also help individuals and families cope with grief and loss during the illness and after the individual’s death. Hospice care is safe, high quality, patient-centered, and cost effective.

Palliative care, aimed at relieving physical suffering and providing comfort and quality of life, can be delivered in a dedicated section of a health care facility, in an individual’s home, or at a hospice.

Hospice Halifax’s Volunteer Opportunities

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618 Francklyn St., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 3B4

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