Aphasia Nova Scotia

Organization Type: Social & Community Services
Address: 23 Braeside Lane, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3M 3J6
Contact: Anne Rendell
Phone: 902-445-4960
Website: https://www.aphasianovascotia.ca/

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The mission of the NSAA is to:

  • To increase public awareness of adult aphasia and other language disorders affecting people after stroke and other brain injuries.
  • To support and/or provide community programs for people with aphasia and/or language disorders: communication groups, and relearning for speech, writing and reading.
  • To provide information about resources to recover lost skills to the extent possible, to compensate for skills that will not be recovered and to minimize the psychosocial impact of the language impairment.

The NSAA vision

The Association:

  • Increases public awareness of aphasia through education.
  • Acts as an independent source of information for people with aphasia, families and/or caregivers, healthcare professionals, and the greater public.
  • Promotes and supports the participation of people with aphasia in their own communities.
  • Encourages participation of all members.

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23 Braeside Lane, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3M 3J6

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